Unsong iLLerDel: The Jungle...

I would be lying to say I knew about this short obscure film/documentary, detailing a cautionary tale about gang violence in late 1960s Philadelphia, (1967 to be exact) something that still haunts the city of brotherly love to this very day. Having the highest murder rate per capital most of it stemming from black on black violence, is no laughing matter. I was doing some research on 1960s American inner city gang fashion, when I came across this wonderful gem known as “The Jungle” uploaded to you-tube by megawords of “Public Wall Writing In Philadelphia” fame.

With a very distinctive fashion presence, it’s almost disjointed and disturbing in it’s presentation (the liquor drinking scene), but that’s where the genius of it shines. From random gang-fights, characters explaining scenes as they happen to gang members speaking about day to day scenarios regarding turf.

Filmed by Harold Haskins and the 12 & Oxford Film Corp, it was used to try and sway kids away from a life of gangs and violence rife in North Philadelphia at the time.