Sean Rowlands "1980 still: Music to Get My SOUL Touched..."

A small selection of boogie tracks from 1980-still… A lot of what is the foundation, happening with the next wave of young “underground” producers and the current dance scene… We asked Sean Rowlands, an avid record collector and a dope DJ to boot, to put some gems (old and “new”) together here for your listening pleasure enjoy the first of many,. all from vinyl… A lot more surprises coming soon. Peace – By Such and Such.

Andras Fox/Oscar S. Thorn – Romance (2013)
Kon – On my Way (2013)
East Liberty Quarters – Point of no Return (2011)
Cutty – Naughty Times (1984)
Intrigue – I Like It (1982)
Jason Lev (re-edit) – Tied Up (2011)
Julia and Company – Sugar Samba (JC re-edit) – (1983)
Kashif – Stone Love (1983)
Lee Prentiss – Love this way (dub) – (1983)
Micheal Wycoff – You got it coming (1983)
Twilight – You are in Love (1986)
Aurra – Turn the lights down low (1984)
Change _ don’t wait for another night (1983)
Dizzy K – Excuse me baby ((1982)
Evelyn “Champagne” King – if you want my lovin’ (1981)
Logg – lay it on the line (1981)
C-Brand – wired for games (1982)
Earl Flint – People hold on (instrumental) (1984)
Mr Fingers – Let’s Dance all night (1989)