Photo Eassay by Brian Kelley.

Day 1.

After going into the city the morning after Hurricane Sandy I realized everywhere I looked, someone
had a camera, everyone was taking the same photos. (I was guilty of it,) and I wanted something else. Later on I headed over to meet up with my friend Tucker at some friend’s studio in Williamsburg, and told them about my plan to head on over into the darkness that was downtown Manhattan. With Calexico, Whiskey, and Beer, freshly in the stomachs of all four of us, and gaining Hogan to the team we started the walk over the bridge. As we approached the halfway mark on the bridge, the darkness was upon us… literally a line of light and darkness. We kept staring off to midtown where the Empire State Building was the marker for where the city had power. Finally across the bridge we made a left and headed down to into the LES to explore. Being down there was such an awkward feeling. Ive skated through those streets all hours of the night, there’s always a bodega open, something happening on a street corner or stoop. This time though, complete silence. It was something amazing to be able to experience. Being in one of the busiest places in the world, and feeling completely alone. Almost like the zombie apocalypse had happened and we were the only survivors. And the feeling never really left, making our way though China Town, SoHo and eventually back over the bridge to Brooklyn.

Empire State Building.

Lower East-Side.


Food Cart.

Tucker Philips.

Police Officer.

Last exit to Brooklyn.

Brian Kelley is a contributing photographer for by such and such.