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I remember watching “A Serbian Film” awhile back, and trying to understand the concept of “shockvalue” in cinema today (here’s looking at you, Human Centipede) Casper Noe is in a different class (though, some might disagree), of making sense of the violence and sex portrayed in his films. Scorsese on the other hand, in my humble opinion is the master of cinema violence. There is, now a heightened emphasis on violence in R-rated films for obvious reasons or else why would they be R-rated in the first place?

And then there was “KillList”. Directed by Ben Wheatley, (this being his second film), centers around two hit-men (Neil Maskell and Michael Smiley) who after a prior job gone wrong, embark on another neither of them will ever forget. To decipher the whole film, is too complex because of not exactly being sure of what is going on. Parts “WickerMan” and “AngelHeart”, the acting is top notch all round most especially from Micheal Smiley whose meltdown throughout the film, is gratifying to watch.

Micheal Smiley

I do like this film a lot, but then again, everything is subjective and if you happen to like the weird with the violent, watch this and don’t go chopping up random people.

Neil Maskell

Do not trust this man!

Death to Tennis