Anti - Hero Skateboards, Andy Roy and Shaggy...

This beautiful place called New york, and the characters one meets daily never fails to make me smile.. I had met Shaggy through a mutual friend (Justin,) and found him quiet informative about the on-goings of Astor place, filling me in, on all the colorful folk on the famous ‘amazing strangers match game’ (yes it does exist!! everyone on there, an eccentric in their own right. Shaggy, (never did ask him why the name Shaggy, but makes sense when you meet.) Justin had told me prior, Shaggy liked to write and to ask him to contribute to by such and such, I wanted a skate-Boarder story anyway and asked if he would be interested below is his piece, honest and true we hail thee Shaggy – By Such and Such.

Andy Roy.

Photo: Tobin Yelland.

Anti – Hero Skateboards, Andy Roy…
By Shaggy.

I wanted to write about how much I’m annoyed with junkies and how the streets are taking me down, but instead I get to write about my passion;skateboarding!!! When you ask your average American to name one skate boarder, the first name that comes up is Tony Hawk. I am not a fan. Nor will I start bashing away on him because he sold-out skateboarding and made millions of dollars off it.

Due to Tony Hawk, I have to deal with every asshole in the city yelling out “do a kick-flip!” Whatever! It’s what it is, there’s always a price to pay on everything done in life.
Today I will give a lesson on what skateboarder you should think of when naming an influential skater.

When I was asked to think of a skater to write about, the first name that came to mind was Andy Roy.

Photo:Tobin Yelland.. Andy Roy.

Andy has been around since the 1980’s and has been on the ins and outs of life. Andy is not a cookie cutter skakeboarder, he is as raw as meat in a refrigerator right down to the interviews he gives. He has nothing to hide and everything to tell. If he rides for a company and they decide to kick him off, he lets the world know about the bullshit politics involved. Most skaters will talk about the glory of traveling around the country and doing demos for kids , he talks about the fights he gets into with skin heads or speaks about how the team manager had to bail him out of jail. The truth is written all over Andy, just look at his mouth when he doesn’t have his dentures in!!! Most raw stories about skaters are normally swept under the rug. Andy is always more than happy to share his dark secrets. His first introduction was him having a contest of throwing up all over the kitchen floor with a future team member (Anti Hero-Fucktards.) The kids loved him and he became a member of the Anti Hero Team. Anti Hero was the perfect skate board company for him to be on.

Andy Roy and Robbie Russo.

Anti Hero was not a bullshit corporate company looking to make millions, for them it was all about the rawness of skateboarding and drinking beer. Their whole existence was a counter reaction to mainstream skating. If you decided to go on tour with the Anti Hero Team, prepare a tent for yourself because these guys were known to set up tents in skate parks around the country (Tent City.) Anti Hero was not about how much coverage you got in magazines or how many videos you came out with, it was all about skating anything and everything.

Eventually, Andy Roy took the wrong turn in life, got addicted to drugs, arrested and was jailed. Some tend to think jail time is bad, but there are advantages to it. Yes it will get you off the streets, it could also be a good way to detox yourself. There were various rumors, of Andy robbing boards from the warehouse and Anti Hero throwing him off the team. Andy spent 2 years in jail,and once he got out stories were circulating that he was teaching kids how to skate and explaining the meaning of what being a skater meant. Later, videos surfaced on You Tube echoing this.

Anti Hero were very happy of the results of Andy staying clean. He got to go on tour as a special guest for the Anti Hero Team and the last I heard, he was expecting a child on the way. Andy has shown the world of skateboarding that you can go to the lowest point in life and climb your way to the very top to succeed.

Shaggy has no email!!! But is number nine on the ‘Amazing Strangers of Union Square’ postcard (skater Bob.)